About Us

ASM Group engages in trading of mineral ores (chrome ore, manganese ore, iron ore, nickel ore and other mineral metals), energy product (petroleum coke) and project investment.

The group currently consists of three companies and all are registered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  • Asia Steel & Metals Limited (ASM)
  • Eastern Resources & Alloys Limited (ERA)
  • ASM Limited (ASML)

Hong Kong is an international city which has sound and efficient banking and legal system, telecommunication and transportation network and stable social environment. The Group thus chooses to base in Hong Kong and radiate to China and nearby Asian countries.

Since 1999, we started the metal ore trading in China and South East Asia countries under Eastern Resources & Alloys Limited.

In 2006, to strengthen the functions of each company, there is an organizational restructuring. From then onward,

Asia Steel & Metals Limited (ASM)

  • Specialize in trading chrome ore, nickel ore and other mineral ores;
  • Strengthen the relationship with the suppliers and customers;
  • Provide update market trends, demand forecast and technical recommendation to the suppliers;
  • Provide professional advices to the customers for the production.

Eastern Resources & Alloys Limited (ERA)

  • Group asset administrator: to manage the investment projects and assets for the group;
  • Assessment of new projects;

ASM Limited (ASML)

  • To sustain the group continuous growth, it will explore new business which is in line with the group strategy and resources.
  • Explore and establish supply and sales bases for the new item, and formulate the trade mechanism
  • Petroleum Coke trading is one of the potential new business items.