Delivery Assurance

To ensure the goods can be delivered to the customers on schedule in good conditions, ASM Group only chooses to charter vessels from those reputable and sizeable shipping companies for delivery:

Island View Shipping
The South Africa’s largest bulk shipping operator, established in 1976, specializing in bulk trades between South Africa and Europe, the Mediterranean, US Gulf, South America and Australia. The annual tonnage transported by Island View Shipping vessels is in the region of 7 million tons.

managing 130 vessels encompasses the movement of approximately 25 million tons of cargo per annum worldwide.

a world-class vessel, global shipping network and sales and service network company with 127 modern container vessels fleet.

ASM Group will charter those handy size vessels solely and in some instances, we will charter part-cargo basis on larger ships in combination with other charterers.

Prior to a ship’s arrival, being a responsible trader, ASM staff will hourly communicate with the shipping and port agents in order to ensure proper handling of material and clean paperwork.

Port plans are put in place for all shipments and are especially important when only some are loaded or discharged with ASM material, or when material is discharged at multiple ports.

Port plans include minimizing demiurge and discharge time, agreements for weighing procedures, time line planning for draft surveys, and storage of material for buyer pick up.